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Project Description


A multidisciplinary design firm focused on developing solutions to create and enhance spaces, ensuring the functionality of the structure and efficiency of the space. Main objective: Seeking the WELL-BEING of a place, whether for personal or commercial use, reinforcing the brand’s strategy.

The Challenge

To create a timeless brand that still felt modern and adaptable to this day. This required the fusion of a timeless identity with a contemporary view, allowing the brand to transcend time and place. The goal was not only to achieve a visual identity that stood the test of time but also to successfully blend the principles of editorial, interior and graphic design, creating a cohesive and versatile brand that resonates with both traditional and modern public.

The Solution

We translated the client’s needs and the brand’s goals to a modern identity that will stand the test of time, creating a logotype that felt simple yet elegant. with expanded-like corners, almost as if they were old letters living in the present. We merged editorial with graphic design, creating contrasts of color that you most likely only see in books and magazines, as well as muted and simple colors that gave focus to the protagonist: the interiors.

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