Black n’ blu




Project Description


An establishment with a dark kitchen style, with the mission of pioneering the first “Dark Bistro”. A brand full with precise flavors ideal for every combination. A “Dark Bistro” that aims to breathe life into what has lost its way in the realm of dark kitchens, to restore the respect fast food deserves, and to provide customers with a unique reason to choose this place.

The Challenge

Breaking the stereotype of a fast-food restaurant is our main mission. In our “Dark Bistro,” we strive to challenge expectations by offering a unique and memorable culinary experience. Instead of settling for speed at the expense of quality, we focus on culinary excellence, food at art level.
Our challenge was to restore authenticity to this concept, while successfully visually communicating this discovery of flavors and carefully crafted combinations.

The Solution

Creating not only a visual identity, but a world perfect for this product to live in. Drawing inspiration from culinary creativity, we aim to visually elevate fast food to an art form. Black N’ Blu not only seeks to satisfy customers’ hunger but also their desire for a unique experience.
At Black N’ Blu we are determined to break the mold and provide a culinary experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

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