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Project Description


A one-click online solution to have all the kitchen appliances you need. It’s an excellent economical and high-quality remedy. ‘Best price for the budget.’ Looking to be a friendly, intuitive, and elegant platform without being pretentious or expensive.

The Challenge

While searching for a source to purchase high-quality kitchen appliances at the best prices, we discovered that either the options were beyond the budget for many people looking to start a home, or the process of actually getting the item was too long and confusing. The challenge was to make this experience as easy and enjoyable as it should be, while establishing an identity that resonated with the right audience.

The Solution

Creating a modern and appealing identity was the starting point, using colors that represent and communicate the essence of the brand: simplicity, harmony, and balance. The aim was to be the modern brand that resonates with young couples looking to start a home. Embracing the philosophy of Lagom (also known as the recipe for happiness), we discovered the perfect equilibrium between modernity and simplicity.

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