Project Description


Lybra represents a constant source of motivation and personal empowerment. Its garments are a second skin, designed to provide unrestricted movement while giving a sense of security. These garments not only fulfill their function of dressing but also become an authentic expression of the identity of those who choose them, allowing for a unique experience where fashion intertwines with authenticity, providing a genuine sense of well-being.

The Challenge

The goal for the brand was to represent movement, physical well-being, and femininity, a brand with which many women could identify and feel motivated. Work was done on a brand identity that met these requirements. However, the biggest challenge was designing the color palette, as it needed to be versatile while maintaining the essence of the brand.

The Solution

After exchanging several ideas with the client, we finally achieved a fresh, colorful, and timeless palette that perfectly aligned with the essence of the brand. The final result is a palette that is not only visually appealing but also resonates with the target market. This palette not only complements the brand’s visual identity but also has the necessary flexibility to adapt to various applications and media, always maintaining a connection with the brand’s vision.

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