Project Description


It has become the meeting point for all residents of Monclova. Yes, all of them. Their customer-centric strategy allows them to offer a variety of experiences during their service days to meet the needs of their diverse clientele.
A brand that doesn’t limit itself to a specific music genre because it understands that the atmosphere thrives on diversity. Where you can sing your favorite norteño song at the top of your lungs, dance to the rhythm of reggaeton hits, and enjoy a journey of electronic music.

The Manifest

Night falls, as the sun sets and the Mālah emerges. In the evening, we come together to relish the privilege of being truly happy and, if only for this moment, forget that any problem ever existed. No physical or moral hangovers, no prejudices, just good vibes. We don’t practice regret; it can’t be done better. This community and this place, where the only thing that matters is giving your body what it needs. Let yourself fall, Malah.

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