Mia Mia






Project Description


Mia Mia is a preschool in the heart of Austin, Texas.
It fosters a safe and nurturing environment for children to experience the world, their community, and themselves with a meaningful connection to nature and relationships.

The Challenge

To craft a welcoming and loving image that embodies the true essence of Mia Mia, its connection to nature, the sense of community and the space for all to grow.

With the branding, its was an experiment of colors and textures, the main challenge was to create a brand that felt warm and safe yet keeping an air of elegance.

With the web page one of the challenges was that the navigation must be intuitive and could fit in one page, so that parents can quickly find the information they need, both on desktop computers and mobile devices, implying a clear and coherent design of the information architecture.

The Wireframes

The Solution

As we created the primary logotype, we discovered that the the true essence of Mia Mia’s identity lived in the isotype. We found a way to incorporate nature, community and MIA’s letters into it, the outcome is exactly what we envisioned.

For the web page The solution for the project involved a modern design that aligned with the identity and branding of”Mia Mia Preschool”. The website incorporated interactive elements and ensured easy access to key information, providing an intuitive and efficient user experience on both desktop and mobile devices.

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